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Omlis Limited
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United Kingdom

There’s a new dawn in Mobile and IoT Security

The mobile has become the world’s mission-critical computing platform, dominating communication and commerce globally.

Digital certificates, invented in the 80s to bring trust to data connections, are from a by-gone era and broken.
Omlis is building and delivering a fully automated solution to totally secure mobile and IoT connections.
Omlis’ product, OASIS, provides integrated authentication and encryption without the use of certificates.

As mobile and in particular IoT grows, PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) is looking increasingly outmoded from an architectural point-of-view because it fails both to keep pace with the evolving threat and to scale efficiently.

Omlis has recognised the evolving security and trust needs of the market and has successfully designed and built a standards-based technology capable of a leapfrog advance in performance and cost.

Prof. William Buchanan (@billatnapier)

Omlis - Prof. William Buchanan